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Laboratory analysis

State of the art technologies for subacuatic investigations

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Laboratory analysis

Gravity Corer: unaltered sediemnts' sample

The bottom samples which are taken during the survey must be analysed by qualified personell in homologated laboratories.

These analysis pueden ser simplemente granulometric or asociados a contaminantes y productos que requieren analíticas muy especiales.

Colaboramos estrechamente con laboratorios homologados ligados a environment y a suelos que analizan las muestras que tomamos con todas las garantías, y cubren todo tipo de analíticas.

Equipment used:

  • Vibrocorer
  • VanVeen Samplers
  • Gravity Corer
  • Piston Corer
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Diferential GPS
  • GPSD doble antena
  • Movement Sensors
  • Acoustic Positioning
  • Navigation System

Data processing and interpretation:

  • Morphological Maps
  • Bionomic Cartography
  • Maps and final reports
  • S.I.G.

Laboratory Analysis:

  • Sample analysis
  • Granulometries
  • Collaboratio with homologated laboratories

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